This is a site where an engineer (the author) who knows a little about peripheral technologies of robots but has little knowledge of robots themselves studies robot technologies from scratch and organizes the information. I will summarize information from a self-satisfied (self-righteous) point of view, while taking into consideration the general public’s perception, academic announcements, and information issued by various organizations.

One of my personal purposes for starting this site is to improve my study efficiency by putting the results of my studies in a tangible form (by exposing them to the public and putting pressure on myself). I decided to study robotics technology as a matter of course for an engineer, so I started looking into published books, magazines, and public websites, but perhaps because the field of robotics technology is so broad, I was at a loss to find a single source of information. (I’m still at a loss. So I decided to create my own.)

This site does not aim to serve as a textbook. Our goal is to gather information in one place so that you can have a bird’s eye view (even if vaguely) of the entire technical field. Basically, our policy is to provide information up to the point where the robot is designed and implemented. The purpose of this site is not to enable you to build a robot. (We may include some information about design and implementation in order to help you understand the technology.)

Another purpose of setting up this site is to contribute to the world by providing information. I hope this site will be useful for people who are going to study robots, people who need general knowledge of robots for their work, and people who are in charge of management and administration of organizations. (The information may be too shallow to be useful for those who actually build robots.)

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