List of Companies Developing Millimeter Wave Radar

List companies that develop millimeter wave radar for robots.

Company nameHeadquarterSales scaleRemarks (features, other notes)Web
BoschGermany$1000BAutomotive (in-vehicle)link
DENSOJapan$500BAutomotive (in-vehicle)link
ContinentalGermany$500BAutomotive (in-vehicle)link
ZFGermany$400BAutomotive (in-vehicle)link
Hyundai MobisKorea$300BAutomotive (in-vehicle)link
(Delphi Automotive)
USA$100BAutomotive (in-vehicle)link
HellaGermany$100BAutomotive (in-vehicle)link
VeoneerSweden$20BAutomotive (in-vehicle)link
ValeoFrance$20BAutomotive (in-vehicle)link
AKASAKATECJapanFor heavy machinery and droneslink

Many in-vehicle manufacturers (in-vehicle suppliers) are developing and selling millimeter wave radar for automatic driving systems and driver assistance systems in automobiles. Millimeter wave radar was already put to practical use around the year 2000, and is now installed in many automobiles, especially luxury cars. Although it has a relatively long history among advanced technologies, it has not yet become a decisive sensor for realizing automated driving, especially because its spatial resolution (angular resolution) is not sufficient. Under such circumstances, development is continuing with the aim of further improving performance, and as of 2020, there is no clear leading manufacturer. On the other hand, millimeter wave radar products are being developed for applications other than automotive. For example, AKASAKATEC is a company that manufactures and sells compact millimeter wave radar products specifically for heavy machinery and drones.

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