List of Companies Developing AD and ADAS systems

The following is a list of companies that are developing automated driving systems and driver assistance systems at a level close to automated driving. In the automotive industry, Autonomous Driving is sometimes clearly distinguished as “AD” and Advanced Driver-Assistance System[s] as “ADAS”. However, since there are many common elemental technologies, we will summarize them here without making a clear distinction. Companies that specialize only in the development of image recognition technology for automatic driving and companies that develop only sensor products such as cameras and LiDAR are excluded from this list. The list will be updated as needed, as there are many related companies and it is very confusing.

Company nameHeadquarterSales scaleRemarks (features, other notes)Web
MobileEyeIsrael$10BAcquired by Intellink
BaiduChinaChina’s Internet search giant
Leading the Apollo Project for Automated Driving Systems
TESLAUSA$200BElectric Vehicle Manufacturerslink
Woven core
JapanSubsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation
Reorganization of group companies in January 2021
SUBARUJapan$250BDevelopment and sales of “EyeSightlink
Hitachi Astemo
(Hitachi Automotive Systems)
Japan$100BPreviously developed Subaru’s EyeSight
Not involved in the model to be launched in 2020
ContinenalGermany$500BMega-suppliers of automotivelink
BoschGermany$1000BMega-suppliers of automotive
Also a general electronics manufacturer, including home appliances
DENSOJapan$500BMega-suppliers of automotivelink

As of the year 2020, the development of automated driving (driver assistance) systems is being carried out by many companies, large and small, and the competition is fierce. There is no single best method of automated driving, and there is no single leading company. In this context, MobilEye may be leading the way in terms of mass production. It has been reported that automakers such as Ford, Nissan, Honda, Mazda, etc. have formed technical alliances and are using MobilEye’s systems in their mass production vehicles. On the other hand, Waymo is leading the way in terms of total distance of automated driving tests. Especially on general roads, the driving environment for cars becomes more complex, so how much test data you have on actual cars may determine your competitiveness. In addition, traditional automotive mega-suppliers such as Continental, Denso, Bosch, and Hitachi Astemo are also investing heavily in the area of automated driving and driver assistance technologies. Since these suppliers have built deep relationships with automakers, it can be said that even if the technology is not the number one, if the technology can withstand mass production to some extent, it is likely to be adopted in mass-produced vehicles on a priority basis. Baidu is a Chinese IT company that is a major Internet search engine, but it may have an advantage over companies based in other countries in that it is easier to promote automated driving experiments in China, where the government has strong power. Of course, automakers such as Tesla, Toyota, and Subaru are also ambitiously pursuing their own developments. It is not clear which company will have the upper hand in the market for automated driving systems in the future.

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